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Forum Rules

Board Rules

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Board Rules! Read first!!!! (English)

Please note: the German version of this document is the only official version accepted by Souls of War The following translation of the German version is provided as a concession and it is not accepted by Board Rules! Read first!!!! (English)
Please note: the German version of this document is the only official version accepted by Souls of War. The following translation of the German version is provided as a concession and it is not accepted by Souls of War does not guarantee the quality and accuracy of this translation.

Board Rules!

The Internet is not an unlegislated area, the law of the FRG must be observed. Contempting may result in criminal- or civil law consequences. Please note you are not anonymous in the forum, the Admins is able to identify you via stored data.
Whenever people get together rules are required. Here are the rules we have established for Souls of War. We ask you to take these rules into consideration … otherwise we have a team monitoring your compliance and if necessary enforcing it.
Announcements and Top topics which are located in the respective forums right at the top, are often additions to these rules and must be observed as well.

1. Articles

Articles containing the following contents are not accepted on Souls of War and will be removed

Pornographic matters or links that will lead to sites with pornographic matters
Unlawful, anti-constitutional, criminal and/or racist matters and invitations to act in this spirit
Insults, obloquies, harassment and threats
Software or services for the selling of unwanted email messages (spam)
Links to pages that require a fee for viewing said pages (referrer-IDs etc.) as well as links to cracks, eMule, Bittorent, eDonkey etc.
Contents that may inflict offence to German law
One-Liners which do not have any statement pertaining to them and are only made to increase the number of your postings, as well as posts like Yes’, ‘Thanks’, ‘I agree’. Please avoid them as far as possible.

‘Pushing’ is not permitted and will be - if necessary - deleted or the topic closed

Large quantities of threads of the same content, articles with nonsense content or articles not conductive to discussions will be classified as spam and are not allowed.

Meaning: Will be edited or removed.

Please raise issues with a sensible and meaningful title. Your articles should be posted in the designated domain.

As far as possible please mind your spelling and punctuation, that will increase the comprehensibility of your articles.

Objective and constructive discussions are well received but one-sided blaming or mere complaining e.g. about other boards will not be tolerated … you will have to contact the respective addresses blow your steam.

Within various sectors of Souls of War , newly opened topics are first examined by a team member to ensure their correctness and accordance with the board rules. Correct topics will be cleared promptly, themes not abiding to board rules will be removed without any further comment. A notice to the creator of the topic will not be issued.

Own opinion

Everybody has the right to have his/her personal opinion, therefore never try to impose your opinion onto somebody else’s.

No Insults!

Please do not insult another user! Everybody who disregards this will be reprimanded! If somebody does not abide by the rules please inform the Admins/Mods.

Please be good company! If there are problems with one or more persons please contact the admina.

Articles broaching unlawful acts and procedures in a subjective manner have to be omitted.

Any spreading of information about unlawful acts such as instructions how to build a virus, illegal downloads and cracks as well as questions on these topics are forbidden.

This includes links to websites of a third party offering this type of information. There is absolutely no support for illegally acquired software or other illegal acquired copyrighted material.

Inquiries in this regard will not be tolerated, the forum offers no platform to enable the exchange of information via email or other media.


Discrimination and debasement of minorities and fringe groups is not tolerated. Racism and hate propaganda, spreading of radical ideas, instigation to violence against persons, institutions or companies as well as defamation, sexual harassment and sexist comments and obscenities are forbidden.

Baseless accusations against persons, institutions and companies as well as spreading of improvable, business-harming contents are not allowed. In case of offences and according to German law the administration reserves the right to divulge information to the respective/relevant legal office.

2. Advertising

Souls of War is a non-profit board.

Commercial articles intending to sell something (except forum thread: bazaar) and/or pure commercial postings are not allowed and will be removed.

Private messages containing advertising slogans are not allowed. Should you receive such an advertising-PM please forward it to the Admin/Mods. Sending advertising-PMs may result in an immediate account ban.

Please abide by that!

There is a special area where advertising is allowed, but please take into consideration that is subject only to legal matters.

Please, no pornographic contents!

Linking to and advertising of pornographic or erotic matters, especially pictures, x-rated and harmful to young persons is strictly prohibited.

Spreading of otherwise youth harming or immoral contents such as glorification of violence will also not be tolerated.

3. Team

The Administrator is leading and steering Souls of War. She appoints further team members.

Moderators accompany individual forums. They can edit, delete or move obsolete articles to the archive. In case of questions pertaining to special forums, the responsible moderator is the first contact person.

Decisions about the team are to be accepted per se and not to be challenged. If you have a tough time with such a decision the Administrator will be available as your contact person.

4. Contents - nickname - avatar - signature

Everybody posting articles on Souls of War makes them available for an indefinite period of time. The case stands even when it is at the discretion of the operators to delete contents at any time.

There is no entitlement for registered users as well as for former registered users that articles -or the whole membership (account) - will get deleted afterwards. This is accepted explicitly with the registration.

However, those who have a conclusive reason may send it by PM or email to the Administrator. Then we will certainly delete the account immediately (after verifying the indicated reason).


The Admin-team is not obligated to accept each user. We reserve the right to deny a user the active participation in the community temporary as well as permanently and without giving deatailed reasons.


All guidelines of the forum also apply for the choice of your nickname. Each user may have only one account.

If a user is banned from the participation in the community by the moderator a new registration under a new name is not permitted. If a user got banned he may address the respective Moderator or the Admin and ask for an explanation, a discussion of the situation in the Forum is uncalled for.

Avatars are allowed in the following formats: .jpg, .jpeg, .gif & .png and should not be bigger than 150x150 px.

Signatures must comply with the following conditions:

Pictures must not exceed 700x300 pixel

It is not allowed to suffix a signature to a posting (especially in the form of a link). Please use instead the function ‘edit signature’ in your user profile.

The guidelines of the forum also apply for information in the respective user profile. In the event of violation the Administrator reserves the right to alter that information accordingly.

5. Final clause


The Team reserves the right to close and/or make inaccessible each article and subject without giving any reason.

Everybody who repeatedly makes a spectacle out of him/herself and thinks he/she isn’t bound to the rules may rest assured that he/she will be banned from Souls of War.

In cases not mentioned in the rules established here, the team will come to a decision on how to proceed based on present facts.

The team of Souls of War reserves the right to alter the board rules anytime.

These rules have been compiled by Souls of War and are not to be used on another page.

Your Souls of War - Team

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